Personal loans

Juo Loans offer Personal Loan’s between £1000 and £3,000 which can be taken over 1-3 years. You don’t need a guarantor, and after completing the simple online application you’ll find out straight away if you’ve been approved, and how much you could borrow.

Our personal loans are designed to be paid back in fixed, affordable monthly repayments so you decide how long you’d like the loan for depending on what’s affordable for you each month.

Where an applicant is eligible for a Personal Loan and a Guarantor Loan, we’ll always show both options so you can choose the option that’s right for you. Whichever loan you apply for, you can change your mind between loan types up until the point that it’s been funded.

Simple application with fast pay out

No impact on your credit file to see how much you could borrow

CCJ’s or poor credit history OK

Flexibility to make early repayments with no fees*

How our loan process works

  • Apply now to see your loan offers – no impact you credit file

  • Choose the right loan for you

  • Fast pay outs

No obligation quotes

We know finding the right loan is important to our customers, so our application is in two stages; first give us a few details and we will run a quotation search to show you how much you could borrow and the cost. There’s no impact on your credit file to see your loan options. Then, choose the right loan for you and sign your loan agreements to complete your application. Once approved the money could be in your account the same day.

Who we lend to

At Juo Loans we know our customers are responsible with money, and finding the right loan at the right time is just as important to us as it is to them. We offer affordable loans for our customers' needs.

A Juo Loans customer may have had credit issues in the past, but they have taken control, borrow responsibly and are on their way up.

*Minimum loan term of 21 days

About Juo Loans

We’re a loans company that aims to offer our customers the right loan at the right time.

The right loan

We aim to offer our customers choice. With a choice of loan amounts, terms and rates, our customers can find the right loan for them.

The bigger picture

We understand that past credit issues can make it difficult to obtain credit now, even if a customer’s circumstances have significantly improved.

A better future

Our customers recognise and take responsibility for the actions which have negatively impacted their credit file. They’re able to borrow responsibly and are on their way up. That’s important to us and we want to help our customers get to where they want to be.

We look good for our age

We may look like a brand new company, but we’re not new to what we do. In fact, we’re experts at it. We’re part of CURO Transatlantic Limited, who’ve been helping customers find the right loan for them since 2004.