What is a guarantor loan?

A Guarantor loan is when someone else agrees to support the borrower's loan. This means they know the borrower can afford the loan repayments, but are willing to step in and make the repayment if the borrower doesn’t.

As the borrower has someone who trusts them by guaranteeing their loan repayments, they’ll get a lower rate of 49.9% APR, rather than a personal loan rate of 99.9% APR. This means they’ll pay back less interest overall.

Loans with a guarantor work on mutual trust. The borrower has to trust their guarantor to make repayments if they don’t, and the guarantor needs to trust the borrower to make repayments on time.

At Juo Loans we work together with the borrower to find the right loan for them. We’re interested in what the borrower can afford, and their current situation, not just their credit history. We believe in getting to know our customers and building relationships based on trust. That’s why if the borrower has a friend or family member who trusts them enough to guarantee their loan repayments, we value that trust and are able to offer a cheaper APR, at 49.9%.

Borrow at a cheaper rate than our personal loan – 49.9% APR

30 days to find your guarantor

No impact on your credit to see your loan options

How our loan process works

  • Apply now to see your loan offers, without impacting your credit file

  • Choose the right loan for you and complete your application

  • Add your guarantor

  • Same day funding upon guarantor approval

Finding the right Guarantor

When making a guarantor loan application, it’s helpful to know what qualities to look for to find the right guarantor.

A guarantor must be a person who knows the borrower and the borrower knows well. Usually a close friend or family member who knows the borrower will be able to afford the monthly repayment and who trusts they’ll borrow responsibly. This is not normally a partner, due to finances being linked.

At Juo Loans, we keep the process simple, and we keep both the borrower and guarantor informed and up to date with the loan status.

A guarantor should be:

  • Over 25
  • Have a regular income from employment
  • Have good credit, or being a homeowner helps

About Juo Loans

We’re a loans company that aims to offer our customers the right loan at the right time.

The right loan

We aim to offer our customers choice. With a choice of loan amounts, terms and rates, our customers can find the right loan for them.

The bigger picture

We understand that past credit issues can make it difficult to obtain credit now, even if a customer’s circumstances have significantly improved.

A better future

Our customers recognise and take responsibility for the actions which have negatively impacted their credit file. They’re able to borrow responsibly and are on their way up. That’s important to us and we want to help our customers get to where they want to be.

We look good for our age

We may look like a brand new company, but we’re not new to what we do. In fact, we’re experts at it. We’re part of CURO Transatlantic Limited, who’ve been helping customers find the right loan for them since 2004.