Borrow up to £3000 with or without a Guarantor
  • We're a direct lender, not a broker
  • CCJ’s or low credit history OK
  • One application, see two options

How much do you need?

Personal Loan APR 99.9%
Guarantor Loan APR 49.9%

To borrow £0000 for 0 months:
Monthly repayment amount: £000
Total charge for credit: £000
Total amount Repayable: £000

Fast pay-out

UK contact centre

No fees for early repayment

Next steps

  • Apply now to see both your loan offers - no impact on your credit file

  • Choose the right loan for you, personal or guarantor

  • Flexibility to change between Personal and Guarantor loan options any time before you’re funded

  • Once approved, receive your funds the same day

What type of loan is right for me?

Personal Loan

With our simple online application applying for a Juo Loans personal loan is easy. You could have an online decision in less than 10 minutes.

  • Simple online application
  • If approved money transferred the same day
  • No application or processing fees
  • CCJs or poor credit OK
  • 99.9% APR

Guarantor Loan

Adding a guarantor to your loan saves you money. Finding a close friend or relative who also trusts that you’ll make your repayments allows us to offer you a lower APR, meaning you’ll pay less each month.

  • Simple online application for you and your guarantor
  • 30 days to find your guarantor
  • If you’ve both been approved, money transferred the same day
  • UK contact centre for you and your guarantor
  • 49.9% APR

Being a Guarantor

A guarantor is someone who agrees to back up a borrower's loan. They’ll step in and make payments if the borrower doesn't.

By guaranteeing a Juo Loans loan, the borrower will get a reduced interest rate from 99.9% APR to 49.9% APR, meaning smaller repayments and less interest to pay back overall. If payments are made on time and in full the guarantor is also helping the borrower to have a positive effect on their credit rating.

The borrower and the guarantor are both told about successful and missed loan repayments at the same time throughout the life of the loan.

We ask that if a borrower misses a payment the guarantor has a conversation with them, and supports them, as well as being responsible for making the repayments if the borrower doesn’t make them as agreed.

There’s no impact on a guarantors credit file to apply and find out if they can guarantee a loan. There’s also no impact if a payment is missed, as long as it’s promptly brought up to date by either the borrower or guarantor.

When the borrower completes their application they’ll receive a unique link to pass onto the guarantor. This will start the guarantor application.

Who are Juo Loans?

We’re a loans company that aims to offer our customers the right loan at the right time.

The right loan

We aim to offer our customers choice. With a choice of loan amounts, terms and rates, our customers can find the right loan for them.

The bigger picture

We understand that past credit issues can make it difficult to obtain credit now, even if a customer’s circumstances have significantly improved.

A better future

Our customers recognise and take responsibility for the actions which have negatively impacted their credit file. They’re able to borrow responsibly and are on their way up. That’s important to us and we want to help our customers get to where they want to be.

We look good for our age

We may look like a brand new company, but we’re not new to what we do. In fact, we’re experts at it. We’re part of the CURO Group, who’ve been serving customers with loans since 2004.